Programs & Services Offered


Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program offers a wide range of components designed to fit the level of educations or treatment to the level of the need of the DWI offender. SATOP begins with a screening process to determine what level of services the offender needs. Offenders are referred to a 10-hour education program (OEP), a weekend intervention program (CIP), youth clinical intervention program (Y-CIP) or a 50+ hours of Outpatient Completion of the SATOP is is required in many cases for license reinstatement for drivers whose license has been revoked or suspended for DWI.

Ignition Interlock


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We conduct and complete background investigations for the courts.


Adolescent Diversion Education Program is approved by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The program meets for a minimum of 10 hours. Missouri law requires this education program for individuals who are under the age of 21 and who plead guilty to the offense of possession of alcohol by a minor. For reinstatement of driver’s license, Missouri law stipulates and requires completion of this program.




A 4 hour course encourages students to take responsibility for their behavior. Prevention and alternative behaviors are reviewed. Treatment agencies and self-help groups are discussed. A more intensive 10 week or 12 week program is also offered.

Problem &


Gambling Program

This program is conducted by state and national certified gambling counselors. The program consists of both group and individual counseling. The program is FREE to Missouri residents and their families.

House Arrest/TAD/


We provide in house arrest electronic shackling services, Transdermal Alcohol Detectors (TAD) & Soberlink.

GPS Tracking

This program is an online management of clients who need more than electronic monitoring. The system will track the exact whereabouts of the client 24/7.

After Care

This program is approved by the Department of Mental Health and is an extension for treatment programs, either inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. Classes are in group format and meet every other week for six months.



Shoplifting Class

This 4 hour class is designed for those charged with shoplifting, stealing and passing bad checks. The class focuses on problem behaviors, which led to the offense including irrational and impulsive behaviors and irresponsibility. Alternative behaviors and options are discussed. Students are instructed on keeping a budget and living within that budget. They are taught how to keep and balance a checkbook. Students are also taught how to achieve credit. Significant others are encouraged to attend at no extra cost.


Required Educational Assessment and Community Treatment Program is approved by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. The program meets for a minimum of 10 hours. Missouri law requires this education program for individuals who are over the age of 21 and who plead guilt to the offense of possession of drugs.

Community Service


Clients complete volunteer hours at local nonprofit agencies. This program may be utilized for those convicted of driving while license has been suspended or revoked by the Department of Revenue and can be utilized in lieu of serving 48 hours in jail. Contact us for a list of qualifying nonprofit agencies.




This is a 6 month treatment program conducted by a licensed counselor. The program consists of an assessment that costs $100 and 26 weeks of counseling with $25 weekly payments, totaling $750. Those with domestic violence charges in St. Charles County are required to complete the program.

Driver Improvement


This is an 8-hour program approved by the Department of Public Safety. Missouri law allows the individual to avoid up to 3 points for moving traffic offenses by attending this class. The goal of this class is to improve driving abilities and awareness. If the student wishes to take the class, he or she should ask the court’s permission to do so at the time of their court appearance. One day classes are available. We have many locations, times and instructors to help satisfy the Court holding your ticket.

Defensive Driving


If your work schedule keeps you from attending our 8 hour defensive class, we offer Defensive Driving Classes online from the comfort of your home or work! Save your license up to 3 points. State approved and most Missouri Courts permit our online class. Most courts will allow online Defensive Driving, but seek permission from the court that holds your ticket. Out of state students can on the link below to see if they qualify.

The course is self-paced and can complete at your convenience with access 24/7. Your certificate of completion is processed the same day you finish the course and comes to you by mail or expedited shipping via FedEx.



We provide on-site urine and saliva testing. We also offer off site testing for urine and hair along with steroid testing.



We are certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health. This is a treatment program for individuals who are experiencing problems with alcohol and or drugs. It is a minimum of 50 hours, entailing group education and counseling along with individual sessions.



Our probation supervision staff has over a combined 100 years of prior experience in supervising probationers. A client’s problem areas are assessed on an individual basis and given referrals to deal with these issues. All substance related cases receive an alcohol/drug evaluation and are referred to whatever services are deemed appropriate. We monitor restitution payments and community service hours if ordered.

DOT Assessments

Department of Transportation Assessments